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Booo Tomatoes, Tomatoes

Learning to be content and complacent are the two things I struggle with and I am crossing my fingers hoping that I am not alone. Having to sit still and deal with life head on can be quite uncomfortable, yet fulfilling in the long run. Unfortunately, I haven't hit the long run like I am sure most of you who are reading this. How can one keep still when there is so much life out there. Especially when socials are telling me that I am not doing enough. I should be starting a business, traveling the world with my boo, I should be crying in a lambo based off of my algorithms on the gram. Instead I clock in to a "9-5" Monday-Friday, I haven't traveled outside of the US since 2019 and when I am sad I definitely cry in my Rav4. So basically, I am living the "simple" life. But is that such a bad thing?

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